Envy Modular Wall Systems Inc.

Envy came about from a culmination of many years of construction and business experience. Founder/CEO and inventor Doug Spear saw the need for a modular wall system that could transcend the boundaries of many industries, yet provide the strength and durability to handle the industrial construction use. His construction experience coupled with the vast business knowledge of the Envy management team led to the current, patented Envy Modular Wall System that is being used in many industries. These industries include: Industrial Construction, Retail Tenant Improvements, Airports, Museums, Conventions, Expos, and more.

Fabricated from 100% recyclable and reusable materials

And also stamped by a California structural engineering firm guarantees that you are getting the strongest, safest, and most environmentally friendly temporary wall systems in the world today.

Quick, quiet, and clean

This sums up the install and deconstruction of the Envy Modular Wall System. Projects start sooner, and with no need for cleanup crews or dumpsters at completion, they open quickly. Envy gives you added value at no extra cost.


Don’t settle for cheap imitations,

there’s only one Envy Modular Wall System.

ENVY MWS…The Smart Choice!